Garage Door Safety

Garage Door Safety


As the largest moving object within the home a garage door has the potential to cause serious injury and damage to property if it has not been specified, installed or maintained correctly. For this reason when looking to purchase a new door please make sure that you take into account the below information.


Sturdy tracking prevents the door panel derailing



What to Look Out For?


There are numerous areas that can casue the potential for injury on a sectional door and as a result it is important you look out for designs that feature the following benefits.

✓ The individual door panels should feature anti pinch profiles designed to prevent fingers becoming trapped in the joints as the door opens and closes.

✓ Side frame trap porotection should be designed into the tracking reducing the risk of injury.

✓ Strong and sturdy roller holders and tracking will ensures the door panel cannot become derailed during the opening and closing cycle.

 Where torsion springs are specified they should feature an inbuilt built spring safety device to ensure the door stops and does not drop unexpectedly in the event of a cable breaking.



Secure garage door rollers Heavy duty torsion spring


Finger trap protection prevents injury to hands



Garage Door Motors


The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulation 2008 sets out the requirements from manufacturers in terms of what they must do to show compliance by CE marking the product. It is therefore a quick and easy task to check to see if a stamp is present on the motor. If it is not do not use it as there is a potential to cause serious injury and damage to property.



CE Marking


For your peace of mind, our complete selection of UK manufactured sectional garage doors and operators are CE marked and tested to be fully compliant with the latest European safety directives.