Made to Measure Sectional Garage Doors

Made to Measure Sectional Garage Doors

Made to Measure Sectional Garage Doors


Whilst there are many reasons to buy sectional garage doors one of the biggest selling points is that they can be manufactured in made to measure sizes. This means that regardless of your opening size you are able to achieve the perfect fit every time.


Why is a Proper Fit so Important?

The problem with a traditional up and over garage door is that they only tend to be available in set standard sizes. This means that properties with non standard opening widths and heights need to have the frame increased or reduced in size to make a standard door fit and in some cases infill panels need to be fitted to fill any gaps. More often than not this can lead to unsightly results which are not ideal and will also leave the garage vulnerable to draughts and water ingress.


What`s Different About a Sectional Door?

With all doors made to order using the latest manufacturing methods it is very easy to custom make a sectional door. Requiring no frame the vertical tracks fix to the internal face of the opening and the door panel overlaps the back to sit within the guide section leading to a significant reduction in draughts and water ingress.


How Do I Find Out the Size I Need?

To find out the size of garage door you will need to order simply measure the width and height of the structural opening. Once you have this check there is sufficient headroom and side room available inside the building to house the tracking using our simple to understand technical specifications and provided these space requirements are available the job is done. It really could not be easier than that.

So if you have a non standard opening size and are currently looking to replace an existing up and over design then we strongly recommend you consider switching to a modern sectional door instead.






Overview of Benefits

  • Manufactured in the UK using high quality components.
  • Available to order in made to measure sizes in mm increments ensuring the perfect fit to any residential garage regardless of sizes.
  • Space saving vertical lift design does not swing out at the bottom making parking and access far easier.
  • Numerous styles are available to tie in with your homes existing architectural design.
  • Select from a huge range of colour options.
  • Thermally efficient insulated door panels will cut down on heat loss leading to reduction in utility bills (where the garage is attached to the main part of the house).
  • Prevents draught and debris from entering the garage.
  • Simple to open by hand or can be upgraded to automation using any standard boom operated garage door motor.