The Benefits Of Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

The Benefits Of Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

The Benefits Of Insulated Sectional Garage Doors


To keep up with the demands of homeowners looking for energy efficient home improvement products for the home, many garage door manufacturers now offer a range of insulated garage doors. Within the UK, the 2 most popular forms of insulated door are either sectional garage doors or roller garage doors.


Thermally Efficient Insulated Sectional Garage Doors


Whilst insulated roller doors offer low to medium levels of insulation, the same cannot be said about ultra efficient insulated sectional garage doors.

With this design, because the door is not required to coil up , the insulation levels can be extremely high and can achieve a U value of around 1-1.4W.m2K. This is because the door panel is 42mm thick as opposed to only 18mm thick on an insulated roller door.

The other great benefit an insulated sectional garage door offers is the versatility of the design. With a number of embossed panels being available to suit traditional and period properties and a number of more modern designs to suit newer homes, we are sure to have the right insulated sectional garage doors to suit your home.



Space Saving Design


The design of this type of garage door is second to none in terms of thermal efficiency and ease of operation. The sectional door is constructed from a number of individual panels that hinge together to form a continuous barrier to the elements. As the door opens up vertically within the side tracks, these individual panels allow the door to retract back inside the garage. This allows the maximum drive through height and width to be maintained, making them the ideal solution for homes with larger vehicles.




High Security


With the majority of sectional garage doors designed to be installed inside the garage with the tracks fixed to the back of the opening out of view, they form a very secure physical security barrier that will keep your belonging safe and secure. With no leverage points other than the bottom of the door, they are by far the most secure design on the market. 




When selecting manually operated doors, the locking bars will shoot into the tracks inside the garage meaning no one is going to be able to force the door open. Alternatively, where electric operation is required, most homeowners prefer to order the designwithout a handle as the garage door motor will act as the lock, actively forcing the door closed should someone try to force entry.



Increased Strength and Rigidity


One final benefit of an insulated sectional garage door is that the added insulation and double skin of steel creates a very dense and rigid door panel that will also increase the security should someone try to force the panels off the runners.