The Benefits Of Single Skin Sectional Garage Do...

The Benefits Of Single Skin Sectional Garage Doors

The Benefits Of Single Skin Sectional Garage Doors


Whilst insulated sectional garage doors are ideal for homes with the garage attached to the main part of the house or where the space is to be used as a workshop, many properties feature detached garages that are rarely used meaning the addition of insulation is a fruitless exercise.

For these installations we recommend our range of cost effective single skin doors as they feature all the same options, sizes and colours as the thicker insulated door but without the added cost.



Vertical Lift Garage Door Panel


Constructed from a number of hinged panels, a sectional door rises vertically within the opening meaning parking and access issues will become a thing of the past. As the panels retract back inside the garage, the full drive through width and height is maintained meaning parking larger vehicles inside becomes easier and faster.





Available in a Range of Visually Pleasing Designs


To cater for a range of property styles, single skin sectional doors are available to order in a number of designs. With options including the classic Georgian embossed panels through to simple ribbed profiles, there is sure to be a look to suit most residential properties within the UK at an extremely competitive price.



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Click here to see the Gliderol Madison single skin garage door design